Company profile


The next generation of Human Asset Managers, who have seen the past, and clearly have a vision on the future. First and foremost, we insist on integrity from all parties. We believe in long term relationships, and pride ourselves in some of the careers that we have enabled. We are committed to delivering the best possible result, on time and within budget, and experienced enough not to guarantee this.

Let’s put our modern approach against your previous experience:

Talent mindset
Before: HR is responsible for people management
Now: All managers, from CEO down, are accountable for strengthening their talent pool

Employee Value Proposition
Before: We provide good pay and benefits
Now: We shape our company, and even our strategy, to appeal to talented people

Before: Is like purchasing
Now: Is like marketing

Growing leaders
Before: Development happens in training programs
Now: We fuel development through stretch jobs, coaching and mentoring

Before: We treat everyone the same, and like to think that everyone is equally capable
Now: We affirm all our people, but invest differentially in our A, B and C players.

Pyramid International SA - Avenue de Montchoisi 35 - CH 1006 Lausanne - +41 (0) 21 614 04 80